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The Moth

Grants Awarded

The Moth Justice Project

Funding Type Restricted
Funding Total $80,000
Impact Area Journalism, Justice and Community Wellness
Years Funded 2018-2020

Founded in 1977, The Moth creates live storytelling events in 25 cities around the US. Audio versions of these stories are compiled for The Moth Radio Hour, airing weekly on more than 470 public radio stations and on The Moth Podcast, downloaded more than 45 million times in 2016. The Moth Education Program and The Moth Community Program bring storytelling opportunities to schools and underrepresented adult populations.

Funding from The Tow Foundation will allow The Moth to expand its Justice Project, which works with individuals who are closest to and most affected by the criminal justice system to craft and tell their story. As part of this project, The Moth will produce several storytelling workshops dedicated to criminal justice and aimed at those affected by the justice system, including currently incarcerated individuals, wrongfully convicted exonerees, people with incarcerated loved ones, members of law enforcement, corrections officers and public defenders. Several workshop participants will be invited to share their story at a larger showcase, and selected stories will be subsequently be broadcasted on The Moth Podcast and Radio Hour.