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Women Against Mass Incarceration

Grants Awarded

Unrestricted Funding

Funding Type Unrestricted
Funding Total $70,000
Impact Area Justice and Community Wellness
Years Funded 2022-2024

Founded in 2020, Women Against Mass Incarceration (WAMI) educates justice-involved women and girls about CT’s criminal legal system and how its policies impact their lives. It organizes them to demand their human rights and advocate removal of barriers to their success, from employment and housing discrimination to over-policing of their neighborhoods and separation from their children. WAMI educates policymakers and the public about the horrific realities of incarceration and lack of support for women returning home from prison and jail through events, rallies, social media, webinars and participation in state and local committees. It organizes holiday bailouts of women from jail on certain holidays, such as Mother’s Day, assists women and their families prepare for court hearings, helps women with applications for clemency and conducts weekly healing circles that address the traumas at the root of justice involvement. This grant provides general operating support to WAMI in its mission to end the incarceration of women and girls, particularly those of color, and educate, empower and organize them to advocate policy changes and services that address gender-specific needs.