Dashawn (Shawn) Cade is the grants manager and systems administrator for The Tow Foundation. Previously, Shawn was a Salesforce administrator for Hearst Magazine Media and Fortune Magazine.

In his role, Shawn manages the Foundation’s information systems, reporting tools and all aspects of its grantmaking operations. Partnering with the program, finance and executive teams, Shawn works to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the Foundation’s grantmaking procedures, including contracts and financial management, program monitoring, grant payments, and ensuring compliance with public and private legal requirements.

Shawn is a volunteer Salesforce instructor with PepUp Tech, a nonprofit that inspires underrepresented people in the tech industry to learn about computer science, Salesforce and careers in tech. In his free time, Shawn collects New York City subway memorabilia. He has over 100 maps, signs, tokens, straphangers, and other vintage items.

Shawn is an alumnus of PepUp Tech and Monroe College.