Jillian Walker is a multidimensional artist, performer, trailblazer, and teacher making uncharted
paths in the field of performance/theater/dramatic storytelling and in the realm of ancestral healing practice as a devoted shamanic student of the afro-indigenous tradition of Ubungoma. Her work breathes with, as, and through a dynamic process of bridging the gap between the ancestral and spiritual, the archival, the dramaturgical, and the artistic practice of Life as a divination. Guided by the teachings of her Ancestors, Jillian’s extensive resume includes many “firsts” and inaugurals, breaking ceilings with her pen, and reflecting her joys and challenges as a servant of the ancient-future. Her work includes the award-winning play, “Sarah’s Salt.,” the uncategorizable award-winning “Songs of Speculation,” and her critically-acclaimed work(ing) and epic tribute to her Ancestors, “SKiNFOLK: An American Show,” forthcoming from 53rd State Press.