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Broadway World Interviews Tow Playwright In Residence Alex Lubischer

“I’ve been writing plays for the past ten years,” says playwright Alex Lubischer, currently completing a residency at Roundabout through the Tow Foundation, “and in that time I’ve been a waiter, I’ve worked at a UPS store, I’ve tutored, I’ve barista-d-I don’t think that’s a verb-I’ve been a barista. I’ve never been able to support myself on playwriting alone, until now. It’s insane. I can just write! I’m savoring every minute of it. Oh, and the other fantastic thing is that it’s allowed me to be in the offices at Roundabout. I’ve been able to work with the education department, chat about new plays across cubicles with Jill Rafson, and have readings of new scripts I’m writing with the artistic fellows here. It’s incredible.”

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