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Campaign For The Fair Sentencing Of Youth (CFSY)

Grants Awarded

Wellness/Community Care Program Expansion

Funding Type Restricted
Funding Total $600,000
Impact Area Equity and Justice
Years Funded 2021-2023

Founded in 2009, the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth (CFSY) advocates for an end to juvenile life without parole (JLWOP) and other extreme sentences for youth. Nearly 80 percent of those sentenced to JLWOP as children previously witnessed violence in their homes or have been physically and/or sexually abused. Incarceration adds another layer of long-lasting trauma, especially for young people incarcerated in adult prisons. This funding will help address the trauma experienced by currently and formerly incarcerated people by supporting self- and community-care programming, restorative justice trainings, support groups, cash assistance and a Freedom Celebration to honor and celebrate those who have been directly impacted by youth violence and the extreme sentencing of youth.

Unrestricted Funding

Funding Type Unrestricted
Funding Total $520,000
Impact Area Equity and Justice
Years Funded 2013-2022

To support advocacy efforts to abolish juvenile life without parole sentences for youth in the United States, with a targeted focus on a few states, including Connecticut. CFSY promotes meaningful alternative sentences, reform of juvenile transfer and mandatory minimum sentencing laws, and policies to address racial disparities throughout the justice system. It provides technical assistance, serves as a resource, and convenes and shares best practices with a national coalition of advocates and stakeholders.