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Families in Crisis

Grants Awarded

Unrestricted Funding

Funding Type Unrestricted
Funding Total $50,000
Impact Area Equity and Justice
Years Funded 2015-2016

To provide general support to this agency, which offers counseling, visitation, parenting, and other specialized services to inmates in five Connecticut prisons and their families. FIC works to strengthen family relationships during a parent’s imprisonment and return home, and to educate the public and policymakers about the impact of incarceration on these families and their communities.

Fatherhood Initiative

Funding Type Restricted
Funding Total $377,500
Impact Area Equity and Justice
Years Funded 2004-2015

To support a caseworker to provide parenting classes and individual and family counseling for fathers ages 16 to 20 committed to the Manson Youth Institution in Cheshire, an adult prison, and to provide aftercare services when they transition back to their communities from prison. The caseworker does home visits with families during the fathers’ incarceration and also links the fathers to community services and accompanies them on visits with their children after they leave the institution. Nearly 90% of the young men complete the program and improve their knowledge and attitudes about parenting.