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Freedom Agenda

Grants Awarded

Unrestricted Funding

Funding Type Unrestricted
Funding Total $100,000
Impact Area Justice and Community Wellness
Years Funded 2021-2023

Freedom Agenda is dedicated to building the power of formerly incarcerated people and their loved ones to lead and drive campaigns for reforms to the criminal legal system. This is accomplished through direct action, public education, narrative change and issue-based advocacy. Freedom Agenda’s goal is to shift policy and practice in NYC and NYS from a focus on punishment to investment in the strength and stability of communities impacted by incarceration. It has created a coalition of partners focused on the closure of Rikers Island and development of four new jails with reduced capacity and better conditions and services. It is partnering with 40 organizations in the Renewable Rikers campaign that seeks to shut down power plants and wastewater treatment facilities located primarily in the communities most harmed by mass criminalization and have them relocated on Rikers Island. Freedom Agenda also organizes community members and advocates in support of bail, parole and other critical policy changes. It is committed to educating candidates for local office to support reforms that will improve outcomes for those involved in the justice system and their families. This grant provides general operating support for Freedom Agenda and its current focus on decarceration, conditions of confinement (including ending solitary confinement) and shifting resources from law enforcement to communities.