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Full Citizens Coalition

New Haven, CT

Grants Awarded

Unrestricted Funding

Funding Type Unrestricted
Funding Total $100,000
Impact Area Equity and Justice
Years Funded 2022-2024

The Full Citizen’s Coalition (FCC) was founded in 2017 to advocate on behalf of the incarcerated and those returning home from prison and educate them about their rights. This grant provides general operating support to FCC as it works to help men and women returning to CT’s major cities after long terms in prison find housing and employment and deal with the social and emotional traumas that often jeopardize their success. It developed the Kings Crown Kings program to provide mentors with lived experience to young adults from the T.R.U.E. unit at Cheshire Correctional Institution to help them deal with the trauma of returning home. In addition to direct services and mentoring, it emphasizes civic engagement as a powerful tool for achieving policy changes at the state and local level on behalf of those with criminal records. After three years of passionate organizing, education and activism by FCC’s Campaign to Unlock the Vote and its allies, the state passed a law in 2021 restoring the vote to those on parole, impacting hundreds. FCC provides civics workshops at community colleges around CT that teach students and community members how to build a coalition and set a reform agenda.