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Jackson Laboratory

Bar Harbor, ME

Grants Awarded

To create a National ALS Mouse Model Repository

Funding Type Restricted
Funding Total $315,000
Impact Area Medicine and Public Health
Years Funded 2010-2012

To establish a national ALS mouse model repository. The goals of this repository are to:
1. Actively acquire the current models being engineered;
2. Standardize the genetic background;
3. Provide genetic and phenotypic quality assurance around the new models;
4. Establish embryonic stem (ES) cells for models that prove the most useful;
5. Quickly make these resources available to the scientific community.
6. By providing genetically pure mouse models to the ALS research community Jackson Laboratory is creating a valuable new resource to help accelerate and focus ALS research where it can make the biggest impact. This program is also funded by ALS Therapy Alliance and ALS Association.