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Proximity for Justice

Albany, NY

Grants Awarded

Visionary Leadership

Funding Type Restricted
Funding Total $300,000
Impact Area Equity and Justice
Years Funded 2023-2025

Proximity for Justice (PFJ) is a new organization dedicated to mass decarceration. It aims to establish partnerships and provide support for its marquee initiative, America Goes to Prison. PFJ’s approach involves bringing together people who are formerly incarcerated, community leaders, survivors of crime, philanthropists, business executives, law enforcement officials, policymakers and academics for in-person prison events designed to foster dialogue, create connections and inspire transformative change.

Delia Cohen, PFJ’s founder, has a remarkable track record of turning extraordinary ideas into reality. She uses a mixture of the arts, cutting-edge technology and new media to make a positive difference in the world through first person, narrative-driven storytelling. Despite a long and storied career working in the messaging department at the Clinton White House, contributing to the Clinton Global Initiative, and organizing the TED Prize project known as Pangea Day, Delia says that her work in criminal legal system reform has been the most captivating and rewarding of her career.