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Westchester Children’s Association (WCA)

Grants Awarded

Unrestricted Funding

Funding Type Unrestricted
Funding Total $210,000
Impact Area Justice and Community Wellness
Years Funded 2013-2018

To provide general operating support for this organization, which advocates to assure the well-being of all children in Westchester County. WCA analyzes and disseminates data that reveals how children are faring, educates policymakers and the public about children’s needs, leads coalitions of experts and child service providers to study complex issues and mobilizes parents, youth and others to speak out for reform.The organization is a leader in the statewide campaign to increase the age a young person is treated as a juvenile in New York State from 16 to 18 years old. WCA seeks to increase awareness of the issue and support for policy reforms among members of the public, service providers, key community leaders and state legislators from Westchester County through events, meetings and social media. It is collaborating with advocates from around the state to coordinate their efforts.