Eileen Wiseman is a program director for The Tow Foundation. She joined the Foundation in August 2015, having previously served as the director of development at Long Wharf Theatre and the executive director at the Westport Arts Center. Eileen’s experience creating collaborative projects and multi-disciplinary programs helps advance the Foundation’s cross-disciplinary projects and vision.

Eileen oversees and manages the Foundation’s strategic initiatives portfolio, which includes investments in medicine, journalism, higher education and culture. Eileen collaborates with the Foundation’s chairman, executive director and program team to leverage the impact of existing grants and to ensure that new projects and relationships align with the Foundation’s over-arching strategic goals. She is also responsible for reviewing and ensuring that all grant partners are in legal and financial compliance to receive funding.

Eileen served as a panelist at the National Endowment for the Arts and the CT Commission on the Arts. She was an active member of the Fairfield County Community Foundation’s arts committee. In her free time, Eileen enjoys hiking, cooking, singing, tennis and pickleball

Eileen received her B.A. in History from Trinity College.