Diana Oh is an open channel to the art that feels good to their body and is driven most by mutual care, pleasure, and keeping things heart-centered. Oh is also a Creator of Performance, Installation, Music, Concert, Documentary Film Multi-Media Wizard Phoenix Hybrid Art, Gatherings, Ritual, Party, and New Mediums. Oh also identifies as a Clairvoyant (a title passed onto them by their political revolutionist and persecuted South Korean father).

​Passionate about healing and queering processes, Oh is a Refinery29 Top LGBTQ Influencer, and the First Queer Korean-American interviewed on Korean Broadcast Radio. They are the Creator and Co-Director of The Infinite Love Party (an intentional barefoot, potluck dinner, dance party, and sleepover for QTPOC and Their Allies, Bushwick Starr. NYTimes), “{my lingerie play}” (ten underground national performance installations in my lingerie staged in an effort to provide a safer, more courageous world for women, queer, trans, and non-binary humans to live in culminating into a concert of Oh’s music: Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, Tow Playwright Residency and Creative Capital Fellowship Recipient, NYTimes), “CLAIRVOYANCE” (an installation, concert, and tree-planting series centering Queer Magic in Harvard Yard, the Boston Public Library, The Institute of Contemporary Art, The Harvard Arboretum produced by A.R.T.), “Asian People Are Not Magicians” (mic.com), “My H8 Letter to the Gr8 American Theatre” (The Public Theater), and “The Dope North Star Workshop.” Their work has been featured on The National, Huffington Post, People, Upworthy, MTV, npr, VICE and they have been interviewed on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange about why Catcalling Sucks. They are a Sundance Institute Fellow, a TOW Fellow, NY Community Trust Helen Merrill Award Recipient, Art Equity Fellow, and a Steinberg Award Recipient. Oh is off social media and looks forward to being your friend in real life. Oh’s Rescue Dogs, however, are on social media @ProfessionalLapDog.