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Changemakers: Family Reentry

Next up in our Changemakers series is Family ReEntry, a Connecticut nonprofit committed to breaking the cycle of incarceration. Read below to learn how Family ReEntry translates its vision into innovation and impact.

Family ReEntry…
Envisions strong communities free from violence and crime, where resilient individuals and families are able to thrive and grow.
Because it believes in the importance of raising the next generation to be responsible, emotionally strong, healthy and able to pursue life in fulfilling ways.
To get there, it provides community-based behavioral health and residential reentry assistance, mentoring for youth and adult offenders, domestic violence treatment and education, and various family and child programs.
A major innovation is its holistic and long-term approach to reentry. Family ReEntry works with incarcerated individuals before leaving prison, during transition and after release to ensure clients have the resources they need to come home for good.

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