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Frontline Welcomes New Class Of Frontline/columbia Journalism School Fellows

FRONTLINE is pleased to announce the selection of its new class of FRONTLINE/Columbia Journalism School Fellows: Katie Worth and Anjali Tsui.

Launched last year, the FRONTLINE/Columbia Journalism School Fellowship program selects graduates of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism to work as part of FRONTLINE’s cross-platform Enterprise Journalism Group, and report major transmedia projects combining text, video, photography, audio and graphics across FRONTLINE’s broadcast and digital platforms.

The fellowships are funded by generous multi-year gifts from The Tow Foundation, and WGBH Trustee Amy Abrams and her husband David.

“We’re so pleased to enter the second year of this fellowship program, and to build on the remarkable investigative work done by our inaugural FRONTLINE/Columbia Journalism Fellows – including Katie Worth, who is staying on for a second year to continue her reporting on …”

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